Read the attached report which combines expert interviews and a substantial survey about the potential

The use of AI in Project Management is just beginning new, yet it can become a powerful tool to help nearly all project managers become more successful.

Artificial Intelligence helps with decision making, something which PMs have to deal with constantly.  The questions that one might start with are: How can it help project mangers?,  what areas will be most reliable?, how can biases be minimised? and where can I start to try it out?

The Association for Project Management – APM commissioned a Phd study into the topic.  It combined both interviews with those already using AI in Project Management as well as interviews with a broad group of project managers to assess the possibilities, potential and progress being made in this area.  We are proud that ScopeMaster  founder, Colin Hammond was a contributing interviewee on this report.

“The report findings suggest that AI will change the role of project professionals. Studying any specific changes was outside the scope of this report. However, the key opportunity of AI seems to be within its analytical capabilities, whereas the automation of project tasks is an opportunity to free up time and to enhance project delivery.”

The study is freely available and can be obtained by clicking on the link below.

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