Ron Jeffries is one of the three founders of the Extreme Programming software development methodology circa 1996, along with Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham.  He is also a co-signatory of the Agile Manifesto.  A few weeks ago he set us a challenge to estimate some requirements for a game that he is working on.  We rose to the challenge and presented him with some examples based on his own current work, see the previous post here

After a couple of enjoyable conversations with Ron, he wrote his views, and experience in this readable blog post:

5 minute read.

Here are some selected extracts from the article:

“if you’re bidding on a project, or if your boss demands to know how many people and how much time you need. You can multiply the COSMIC numbers by whatever constant you want. Apply a range. You’d be a fool not to.”

“I think it would be interesting to use it in iteration planning or backlog refinement.”

“finding one important mistake per week could pay for the product many times over.”

“an impressive program with some visible value.”