The Launch of –  a major leap forward for saving time and money on software projects 

LONDON – 8 March 2018.  Available from today at, is the world’s first, high-speed, software requirements analysis tool that will automatically size and find defects in written software requirements.

According to the Standish group, over 40% of software projects are over budget and late, yet few IT leaders adopt the proven metrics (functional size) and techniques for early defect discovery and prevention, that will help to improve these statistics.

Until now, doing the right thing has been laborious and manual, ScopeMaster® makes best practice easy.

Available as an online web application, ScopeMaster® is ideal for software development managers, software projects managers, PMO leads, product owners and CIOs.  It brings more certainty, better quality, better metrics and lower costs to software development projects.

Using patent pending technology, ScopeMaster® will perform detailed analysis on written software requirements or Agile user stories to:

  • Identify potential requirements defects – before coding.  It will identify ambiguities, complexities, duplicates and even omissions .  Each requirement found and fixed early will avoid rework which will bring significant cost savings and shorter schedules.
  • Estimate the functional size of the software project, using an ISO standard size metric (Cosmic Function Points);  invaluable for vendor negotiation and project planning.
  • Provide estimates for cost, duration and many more project management metrics. Extremely useful for effective project management.

ScopeMaster® performs can analyze around 100 stories per minute.  This can drive 20-fold to 60-fold productivity increases of  software analysts. ScopeMaster®  will also encourage defect discovery and prevention work early in the project, valuable work that might often not get done.   Continued use of ScopeMaster is also very likely to raise the overall quality and productivity of work performed by a software team.

Lauded by academics and experts in the field of software metrics and software project assurance, ScopeMaster® delivers a leap forward in the ability to size, estimate and improve the certainty of software development projects by focussing on the written requirements.

What they are saying about ScopeMaster

“ScopeMaster® is finding 30-60% of requirements defects in seconds.  You can then go on to fix about 20 times faster than can be done manually”.  Lonnie Franks Project Assurance Expert

“Its amazing that you have come up with the right set of functional requirements. Another benefit of your tool is that,  not only does it interpret the requirements but it actually writes the detail specifications, which can then be used as test cases.”  Professor Alain Abran Ecole de technologie superieure – University of Québec (Canada) Co-founder of Cosmic Sizing.

“Your ability to size specific requirements and find problems are very powerful features that can move functional metrics into new and useful directions”  Capers Jones Author of numerous books on software Metrics
“I would be shocked if this didn’t improve development team productivity by at least 10%”.  Lonnie Franks Project Assurance Expert
“ScopeMaster® is really delivering astounding value every time.  I believe that any software professional that uses ScopeMaster® will find their career moving upwards very quickly.”   Colin Hammond,  inventor of ScopeMaster.
ScopeMaster® has been developed by Albion Technology Ltd, a private company based in the UK.  ScopeMaster® is a UK registered trademark and is subject to UK patent pending 1802893.6.
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